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Sustainability Initiatives


Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd., an asset management company of Nomura Real Estate Master Fund, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Investment Corporation"), established the Sustainability Policy in December 2015.
The Investment Corporation will, along with the asset management company, carry out asset management with consideration for the environment, society and governance (hereinafter collectively referred to as "ESG") in order to enhance unitholders' value over the medium to long term.

Sustainability Policy

  • 1.Efforts to save energy and create energy We will strive to introduce technologies/facilities that contribute to save and/or create energy while proactively promoting efficient use of energy in real estate management.
  • 2.Efforts to save resources and reduce waste We will strive to implement water saving and waste reduction (3Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle) for effective utilization of resources required in business activities.
  • 3.Efforts for safety and security as well as improvement of the level of customer satisfaction We will strive to improve the level of customer satisfaction by promoting disaster prevention/BCP measures for the safety and security of our clients including tenant companies or facility users, and through other means.
  • 4.Efforts to develop in-house systems and educate executives and employees We will not only fully enforce compliance but also develop in-house systems to promote our initiatives based on this policy, educate executives and employees, and conduct activities to raise awareness.
  • 5.Collaboration with outside stakeholders We will strive to collaborate with stakeholders including our business partners such as property management companies, our clients such as tenant companies and facility users, and local communities in order to practice initiatives based on this policy.
  • 6.Information disclosure to investors, etc. We will strive to proactively disclose information on the status of activities related to ESG to stakeholders such as investors.

Sustainability Targets

The Investment Corporation has established sustainability promotion rules to encourage greater consideration for ESG matters as outlined in the Sustainability Policy. We have made concrete decisions in regard to in-house organizational systems collaboration with external stakeholders and information disclosure policy with the aim of ensuring that everyone is sufficiently prepared to promote sustainability. In addition, we have set the following medium- to long-term energy use reduction targets and target management procedures.

  • (1) Establishment of medium- to long-term targets to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions • In conformance with the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, in the five-year period starting from fiscal 2016, the target for the Investment Corporation at both the portfolio and individual property levels is an average annual reduction of 1% or more energy use intensity based on the standards outlined in the Act on the Rational Use of Energy. • The properties subject municipal ordinances related to global warming countermeasures will set their targets individually.
  • (2) Management of targets • As a general principle, every three months the Investment Corporation carries out target management, reviews the progress made toward achieving its medium- to long-term targets and analyzes the causes behind changes in usage at a general meeting called Sustainability Promotion Conference.

External Evaluation

Acquisition of CASBEE Certification
Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) is a system which was created under the authority of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to comprehensively evaluate environmental performance of buildings. Not only environmental considerations such as energy saving efforts, but in-door comfort and consideration of landscape are also evaluated and the results are expressed as one of the five ratings of "Rank S (superior)," "Rank A (very good)", "Rank B+ (good)," "Rank B- (somewhat poor)" or "Rank C (poor)." The following properties among properties owned by the Investment Corporation have received the certification.

Please click here for details of CASBEE.

Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification
The DBJ Green Building Certification is a certification system created by the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) to support real estate properties with environmental and social awareness. The certification system evaluates convenience, comfort, disaster/crime prevention, energy-saving, involvement with communities, etc. in addition to environmental performance, and evaluation results are expressed in five-level ratings (5 stars ★★★★★ to 1 star ★).

DBJ Green Building Certification

The following properties among properties owned by the Investment Corporation have received the certification.

Please click here for details of DBJ Green Building.

Participate in GRESB
Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) is a benchmark survey established by major European pension fund groups to measure ESG considerations of real estate firms and management institutions. It is globally utilized as an evaluation tool with standardized ESG initiatives, which are indispensable for institutional investors when making long-term investment decisions.
During the 2016 Rating, NMF’s initiatives were highly appreciated in both dimensions of "Management and Policy" and "Implementation and Measurement" as sustainability efforts, and it received a "Green Star".

Please click here (English website) for details of GRESB.

Specific initiatives

Initiatives on environment
Installment of solar power generation
Utilization of renewable energy through solar panels installed on the rooftops of logistics facilities.
Energy-saving measures
Efforts to reduce energy consumption are taken, such as installment of LED lighting in common areas of facilities, renewal of air-conditioning facilities and installment of water-saving toilets.
Initiatives on enhancing customer satisfaction
Promotion of disaster prevention/BCP measures
Countermeasure work against long-duration seismic activity has been underway at Shinjuku Nomura Building. We prioritize the safety and security of tenants and visitors with the installation of earthquake resistance comparable to the most advanced skyscraper buildings.
Elevators are equipped with emergency disaster kits and disaster kits have been distributed to tenants for the safety and security of tenants and visitors.

For other initiatives on tenant services taken by the Nomura Real Estate Group, please visit the following websites.

Initiative on contributing to local society
Connecting with local communities
We hold various events to promote communication with tenants and local residents.

For details of the event, please visit the following website.
Morisia Tsudanuma (tsudatomo project)

Seeking improvement(s) in the safety of and convenience to tenants, we have installed AEDs in the building and implemented a car-sharing system in the residential parking lot, etc.
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